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  • 服務



    Thank you for choosing GreenPrima. Your trust and suggestions are the driving power of our improvement.




    After-sales Service and Guarantee


    GreenPrima not only provides quality products which need little maintenance, but also offers standard, mature and comprehensive technical service. With a large number of experienced technicians and a considerable stock of spare parts, we can promptly respond to any problem fed back from our customers. Our official website offers a ready access to operation manuals, installment and commissioning videos, an assemblage of FAQs (frequently asked questions), etc. Besides, a quick diagnosis and solution of an issue brought to us can be done through e-mail, fax and telephone.




    If you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us at info@greenprimainst.com.






    GreenPrima provides a one-year warranty starting from the date of installment and commissioning and lifelong maintenance for all the products it sells (notes: when the customer shall be held responsible for the product not being installed in time, the warranty period starts from the delivery date; in addition, wear and tear parts and spare parts are not covered by the warranty). For any quality issue within the warranty period, we will provide replacement and maintenance for free. For any product outside of its warranty or any damage caused by the buyer, the buyer will have to pay for any replaced part during the maintenance.





    GreenPrima boasts a well-skilled and experienced technical support team to provide solutions within the shortest time. They carry out diagnosis through telephone, video call, mail, etc. and provide a preliminary diagnosis and solution within 24 hours. Our company keeps a considerable stock of frequently used parts and can basically solve any dysfunction of a returned instrument within a week.






    GreenPrima offers distance training and compensable on-spot training, which cover the basic principles of specific instruments, how to operate specific instruments, daily maintenance and troubleshooting of rudimentary issues.